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Thank you for your emailed comments, including these:

"Beautiful. There's no words. I am in tears at the beautiful testimony... Jesus is without argument BEAUTIFUL... so I use this word a lot, forgive me. Your blog is very challenging, makes my spirit desire more of Jesus, and gives me pause. Long ago I gave God complete control of my person, even if that meant I lost everything for the cause of Christ. To this day I know very few people who will walk such a life, and I find my children and I alone most often. We rejoice in this though, because we know that we are far from alone with God. Going into missions and prayer ministry has cost us nothing when I see the price Jesus paid to save me from death and hell." - Heidi

"I got a little choked reading about the miracle the day you wore the black with red cross shirt marking you as a christian. Praise God! I've so enjoyed reading about what God is doing that I will share your website with friends even if you hadn't asked... Oh my goodness I don't have time to view all your photos from Israel Jerusalem but the few I looked at are spectacular." - Teri

"I just finished reading your blog and Jesus made me cry!" - Ruth

"I am without words. I read your website halfway through now. I can't wait to finish it. I was raised with god (well church, which to me is a bunch of lost sheep) but I have only had the honor of serving him the last 2 years. I feel very immature sometimes when temptation overpowers me. More like I take my eyes off God and it all falls apart. The Lord's amazing spirit is what keeps me drawn to him. I don't deserve him." - K.

"The awesomeness of our Lord never ceases to amaze me! His great power, as portrayed in this blog, literally takes me to my knees (from "Not Yet" to the completion of the blog, there were tears streaming down my face... what a beautiful story!). The beauty relayed in your pictures of the Holy Land completely captivated me. I intend to pass the links on to family and friends - many of which are lost." ~AJ

"Your blog whisked me back to when I had read the adventures of Brother Andrew in 'God's Smuggler.' It was very humbling. It immediately shed perspective on the comfort of our lives in the westernised civilisation. I live in the Caribbean but there is absolute freedom in my country to read the Bible, to broadcast programmes on the gospel on live television etc. What struck me about your experiences was the constant challenge to cast the care of the entire situation upon God and to have your spiritual antennas attuned to know what every move is. It is a blueprint for how our lives should be lived - leaning the entire person on God." - Hadasah

Bible Witness Amazing Testimony